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ATTN: We've had an overwhelming response to this item and it's sold out within hours. From this point on, if you place an order we will be re-ordering more and it will be a minimum of 6 weeks to receive yours! Sorry! But we think it'll be worth it!

It's a comic! It's a full-length album! It's Simple Code by Mystery Treehouse!


This 9 song album has been duplicated on hi-fi cassette with a full-color mini comic inside! Nobody knows if it's an album that comes with a comic or a comic that has the most epic packaging of all time!


Simple Code the album is a 9 song indie rock concept album about the rise and fall of music file-sharing company Napster, the way that it changed the music industry forever, and the founder's quest for finding human connection through his coding. The album is a love letter to the music of the late 90s, and is for fans of bands like Weezer, Say Anything, Andrew WK, Wheetus, and so-cal pop punk!


The songs were all written, performed, and produced by the Mystery Treehouse - Andrew and Dave!


Except: Drums performed by Jake Naugle, additional vocals by Jadyn Beyer, and sound mixing by Santiago Morillo Segovia!


Simple Code the comic is a 5 page comic about our intrepid adult boy detectives, Andrew and Dave, their Space Demon roommate Hillsmer, and their robot friend Zero, as they attend a death metal concert happening right in front of their headquarters - the Mystery Treehouse! They enjoy the headbanging tunes of Bubble Wrap Filled With Sarin Gas until they realize that the band has gotten a hold of The Squampinomicon - the Space Hell book of the dead! This evil book combines with their ear-splitting metal music to cast a spell on the entire audience of the concert - turning them all into mindless zombies! Now, Andrew, Dave, Hillsmer, and Zero must fight their way out through a hoarde of death metal zombies before they get way more than they bargained for from this concert!


The comic was written by Andrew Price, drawn by Brandon Nebitt, with cover colors by Shannon Willette!


In addition to the tape and comic, your purchase also includes a QR code that gives you the digital versions of the album and comic, an whole other additional unreleased EP by Mystery Treehouse, a director's cut of the album with a track-by-track breakdown of the story behind the songs as well as the songwriting process, an unreleased episode of the popular Deep Cuts podcast - hosted by Andrew and Dave, plus more!

Simple Code Mini Comic Cassette - OUT OF STOCK

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